Anika Marie Kennaugh, MBA

Title of Dissertation:

White Collar Teaching – Bi-Directional Value Creation through Practitioners in Higher Education


Abstract of Dissertation:

Anika Marie Kennaugh is an external doctorate candidate at CLIC. She graduated first with a Bachelor of Science in Textile and Clothing Management from the University of Applied Sciences Niederrhein in 2015. This degree was succeeded with an MBA specialized on Management and Leadership assigned from the University of Applied Sciences accadis in 2017.


Currently, Anika works as a Product Manager for footballs at adidas AG, where she oversees design, development, go to market strategies, storytelling and overall project management for this particular product type.


Concurrently, she teaches the Bachelor of Arts class ‘Sportstrading’ as well as the Master of Arts class ‘Internationalization of Sports Marketing’ at accadis Hochschule Bad Homburg, Germany.


Next to skill in managing complex and large scale consumer facing projects, Anika brings deep insights into university-industry interlinkages, academic connectivity and their respective upsides as well as downfalls.


Her dissertation project seeks to answer if, and if so how, dual academics work successfully and how they can help co-create value in a bi-directional flow. The concept of dual students is present in academia and has found it’s very own justification throughout the last years. However, with universities and industries alike developing a third mission, which is to properly interlink themselves in order to create better synergies and value, the question for dual academics arises. The research aims to equally profit from and inform discussions with decision makers in academia, industry and public policy.

Anika Marie Kennaugh, MBA

External PhD Student
+49 341 9851-865

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