Free services are playing an increasingly important role on the internet and constitute a large growth market. Due to this development, there are new challenges for both management practice and research. The currently published “Free Services” brochure of the Center for Leading Innovation & Cooperation (CLIC) is dedicated to this topic.

Based on the question “What can the e-world and the real world learn from each other?” the publication deals with theoretical and practical questions about the topic “free services”. Amongst other things it looks at if and how “classic” criteria and standards for the productivity of services can be applied to online services and which adjustments or extensions of methods and tools of productivity and success measurement need to be made. The focus hereby is on successful business models.

The publication was issued in the framework of the “Research Lab: Productivity of Services (ServProd)” (Forschungswerkstatt: Produktivität von Dienstleistungen) project. ServProd develops new concepts for the measurement and practice-oriented management models to increase service productivity.

A special thank you goes to the editors, Professor Ralf Reichwald and Professor Kathrin M. Möslein, as well as the authors, Eva Anderl, Armin März, Professor Jan Hendrik Schumann, Professor Florian von Wangenheim and Sebastian Ackermann.

A PDF-Version can be downloaded freely (German).

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