What’s the Advantage of “Live”-Support when Shopping Online?

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Offering products online that can be personalized is growing steadily. These so-called mass customization services are characterized by fulfilling the individual customers’ demands exactly, and offering the provider a differentiation advantage. A critical interface in these processes for productivity is the often intensive interaction between customer and provider, which is frequently supported by interactive tools.

CLIC together with the shoe individualizer SELVE (www.selve.net) and the technology service provider Level 4.0/vee24 (www.level4service.de and www.vee24.de) tests directly at that interface an innovative service and interactive offer. In a pilot study the new service “SELVE Live Help” is offered directly to the visitor of the company’s web site. This means that the potential shoe purchaser can be in direct contact with the staff of the company via text or video communication during their web site visit. The service also allows for the staff member – according to the customer’s wishes – to lead through the entire individualization process of the company or enter directly into the design of a personalized shoe.

The approximately three-month long pilot study is carried out within the framework of the BMBF sponsored research project KUMAC. CLIC focuses on new impulses and findings for the growing research field of service innovations. First results are expected by the end of the year. Follow the up-to-date information on the start of the study on Twitter (@CLICresearch) or www.clicresearch.org.

Your contact person is Stefan Thallmaier (stefan.thallmaier@hhl.de).


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