The increasing pressure of competition and also increasingly complex offers in the service sector pose new challenges for providers. One of the biggest difficulties of service providers is to determine and evaluate their productivity, in order to be able to enhance it in the long term. Innovative and customer specific concepts are in demand. In cooperation with the University of Leipzig the Center for Leading Innovation & Cooperation (CLIC) is carrying out a study to identify problem areas and the need for development.

The aim is to determine the current status of service productivity and to identify problem areas and the need for development.

We invite companies to participate in the survey-based study. As a participating company you have the opportunity to view the results in a brochure that will be sent to you. Additionally, the results will be presented on a web site. There you will have the option to interactively view the developmental stage of your company’s productivity within a national context.

To participate in the study please follow this link:

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