huff The Strategic Management Journal Best Paper prize, recently renamed “The Dan and Mary Lou Schendel Best Paper Prize”, is an annual award that honors substantial work published in the SMJ. This year’s award will go to Anne Sigismund Huff, professor at NUIM, co-director of the Center for Leading Innovation and Cooperation (CLIC) and visiting professor at WI1 at FAU, and her co-authors Pamela S. Barr, Georgia State University, and J. L. Stimpert, Colorado College, for the paper titled “Cognitive Change, Strategic Action, and Organizational Renewal” in Volume 13, Special Issue Summer 1992.

Former award winners include (but are not limited to) Oliver Williamson, Rebecca Henderson, Sidney Winter, Andy Van de Ven, Kathy Eisenhardt, Robert Grant, JC Spender, Henry Mintzberg, Gabriel Szulanski, David Teece, James March, ….

For a full list please see:

We congratulate Anne Sigismund Huff and her co-authors for this important and well-deserved recognition! Congratulations, Anne, from your CLIC-team!

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