“Cooperations between start-ups and large companies: hype or saviour?” – referring to this question, Dr Christian Comberg, post-doctoral researcher at CLIC, opened the 8th Innovation Factory Economy in Dresden on April 11 with a keynote speech.

The chances for cooperation with large companies have never been better for start-ups: with their disruptive approaches, they are currently turning entire industrial sectors upside down and gain more and more importance as a complementary innovation driver. As Christian explained in his keynote speech, cooperation can be advantageous for both parties – if a strategic fit exists. Start-ups should therefore precisely consider advantages and disadvantages when choosing a cooperation partner.

Related issues were also dealt with in five other keynote speeches in which experienced entrepreneurs and experts illustrated the road to cooperation arrangements, framework conditions and obstacles in practice. Interactive discussion forums after each speech opened up further opportunities for asking questions and discussing the topics.

The 8th Innovation Factory Economy “David with Goliath – cooperating at eye level” thereby offered an excellent opportunity for start-ups and SMEs to find answers to their questions focusing on the cooperation with large companies.

Christian's keynote speech

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