On October 12, the network DIGI4TT held a network meeting that was hosted by F.G. Meier in Langenzenn close to Nuremberg. As part of the expert talks focusing on “Digital Manufacturing & Mass Production”, Leontin Grafmüller from CLIC gave a presentation on mass customization on B2B markets.

The network DIGI4TT – digital printing for the functionalization of technical textiles is managed by Bayern Innovativ GmbH and brings together enterprises and research institutions in the textile chain in order to explore digital printing as a new surface technology.

The program also included a visit to the adidas Store Factory, where Leontin and the other participants of the network meeting gained fascinating insights into brand new flexible production practices. Using body scans, in the Store Factory customers are three dimensionally measured at first and can then design their favorite knitted sweater according to their individual wishes. Once the product development is complete, they can experience live on the spot how their only just developed design is brought to life by knitting machines. The combination of factory and store allows the customer to be designer, producer and consumer in one person.

The network meeting thereby provided the participants not only with networking opportunities and content-related input but also allowed them to gain fascinating insights into completely new practices of flexible production and it created thrilling digital experiences.

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