On December 11th and 12th, the academic and company partners of TACIT met for two days at AachenMünchener in Aachen, Germany, where they had the opportunity to give the methods of Project-based Learning and Entrepreneur Laboratory a try. Supported by facilitators from CLIC and Lufthansa Systems, the project partners worked on a pre-defined company challenge with new tools and techniques, solved tasks and shared practical experience with each other.

On the first workshop day, participants not only got to know project-based learning techniques, but also learned how to turn a defeat into a victory and how to complete a project as successfully as possible despite all the risks. The second day was fully dedicated to Entrepreneur Laboratory and exposed the participants to tools and techniques in order to experience in a series of “controlled experiments” how prototyping, fast intelligent failure and other agile approaches can foster the development of ideas.

Project-based Learning and Entrepreneur Laboratory are only two of eight new teaching methods for innovation and entrepreneurship that CLIC is currently developing in the EU-funded research project TACIT (Teaching and Coaching Innovation & Entrepreneurship InnovaTively) together with eleven international partners from science and industry.

Apart from discovering and testing two of TACIT’s methods, the project partners further had the chance to enjoy a typical German mulled wine on Aachen’s beautiful Christmas Market. The next piloting workshop will take place in February at Lufthansa Systems in Frankfurt.

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