On April 26th, the first milestone meeting in the project PROFUND was held at VOWALON Beschichtung GmbH. The project’s aim is to create an appropriate network structure for the development of customized technical textiles in a cross-company textile network. In Treuen, Germany, the academic and company partners outlined the first milestone, which contained the results of a requirement analysis as well as the specification of exemplary fields for the piloting that will follow. As per schedule, all planned activities could be completed within the first 12 project months. Subsequently, the next project steps were discussed and planned.

The meeting was complemented by a presentation on the history and business segments of the company VOWALON. During a walking tour of the manufacturing plant, the participants got to see state-of-the-art machines in action and gained insight into the production of a major producer and specialist in imitation leather and industrial coatings that is located in Saxony.


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