Our largely globalized world is rapidly changing and we are confronted with diverse societal challenges that are intertwined with the systems that connect us all. Facing these challenges, every organization in the public sector, the commercial world or social innovators need to change their offerings (products/services) and the way they create and deliver them. Innovation and change require skills focusing on creativity, collaboration, self-organized teams, problem-solving and co-creation.

To deal with these challenges, foster their creative thinking and learn about designs, tools and new approaches toward innovation,  24 students from all over the world have come together at RWTH International Academy in Aachen from June 11th to 15th to participate in the international TACIT Summer School on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Methods.

The PhD candidates from countries such as Germany, Lithuania, Sweden, Denmark, Australia or India will learn about methods which have been developed within the European project TACIT during the past 2.5 years: Project-Based Learning, Entrepreneur Laboratory, Innovation Theatre and Innovation Games. The module “Learning by Doing”, which includes the first two methods Project-Based Learning and Entrepreneur Laboratory, was introduced by CLIC’s Tim Mosig and Carina Leue-Bensch of Lufthansa Systems on Tuesday and Wednesday. The students engaged in lively discussions with the project partners and were curious to learn about the details of how they can implement the new methods in practice.

In order to explore the spirit of Aachen and the RWTH and to foster interaction and collaboration within the group, diverse social and cultural events have been organized, among them a guided city tour through Aachen, a hike to the border triangle as well as a BBQ with RWTH students.

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