This year’s R&D Management Conference took place from 1st to 3rd of July on the campus of the Politecnico School of Management in Milan under the heading “R&Designing Innovation – Transformational Challenge for Organizations and Society”. The R&D Conference is an international gathering of scientists and practitioners from the fields of research and development of technology management and innovation and was first initiated in Manchester in 1980.

Laura Tolettini, who wrote a scientific paper for the R&D based on her master thesis at CLIC, presented her results on the first day of the conference under the title “Steel 4.0: Opportunities And Challenges Of Industrie 4.0 In The Steel Sector” in the field of Business Model Innovation. Tim Mosig had already traveled to Milan on 30th of June to attend the Ph.D. colloquium and presented his paper entitled “Data-Driven Business Model Innovation: Datatization of the Manufacturing Industry” in the field of Digitally-enabled business model Innovation on the second day of the conference.

In summary, the R&D Conference was a great event with interesting insights and new topics are gaining in importance, both in research and practice in the future.

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