As part of the “Co-TWIN” research project, the CLIC – Center for Leading Innovation & Cooperation at HHL Leipzig is conducting profound research for the first time into one of the most important components for implementing the factory of the future: the digital Twin.

This is a digital replica of production facilities with the help of which information about the entire machine life cycle can be integrated and made available to companies. Using the predictive maintenance approach, sensors can be used to proactively maintain machinery and systems to keep downtimes to a minimum. On the other hand, a digital twin can be used, for example, to validate new products for production capability that do not yet exist.

At the beginning of the project supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research all partners met for the first time, which includes not only application companies like BHS Corrugated, BAM GmbH, SITEC Chemnitz, Schmale Maschinenbau GmbH but also implementation partners like N+P Informationssyteme GmbH and chemmedia, as well as academic partners like TU Chemnitz.

The project is pioneering for the future of digital knowledge transfer and the CLIC contributes significantly to the development of completely new methods, architectures and above all digital business models.

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