The start for the new project „From research to practice – futureTEX incubator for technical textiles and disruptive products” supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research took place in Chemnitz. For this research project the CLIC – Center for Leading Innovation & Cooperation at HHL Leipzig works together with HYVE – the innovation company and the Saxon textile research institute.

The umbrella project futureTEX aims to enable traditional industries such as the textile industry to make the leap into the digital era. The project incubator will serve as an impetus for the transfer of selected research results into business practice. Until 2021, sustainable structures will be developed that closely accompany selected projects in order to enable companies to make the leap from development to profitability.

In this context the CLIC will not only develop an innovation platform for the entire textile industry, but creates the scientific base for transferability to other traditional industries.

Get further information on the project at www.stfi.de/futuretex


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