News from our project AgilHybrid. On Sep 17th and 18th 2019 the second consortial meeting took place on the HHL campus hosting about 15 of the involved partners from industry, academia as well as the project support. The meeting’s main focus of day one was the status quo of the project. All partners were given the chance to present their proceedings so far. Afterwards a shared vision for the coming months in the project was developed.

Momentarily interviews make a big portion of the work that is being done. Some of those interviews were held, reviewed and could thus be presented with their main findings already. Another part of the agenda was a discussion around digitally connected business models since within the project it is a goal to come up with new findings to this subject. Through exchange the group tried to find consent on were further development of these models is headed in the future and how the project could set up an environment to explore them like possibly through a workshop format. To finish off the first day, the whole group took part in an escape room challenge.

After such an exciting end to that first day, day two didn’t start any less interesting. The project partner Supratix presented their business simulator and sparked a lot of excitement in the audience with it. This was followed by a presentation about “Good Work” and the skills needed for that, before things turned back to more administrative subjects again. A roadmap was created to plan for the upcoming months in AgilHybrid. Before all guests headed home, new dates were set to continue the exchange.

The project team at CLIC is very happy to have hosted everyone on the HHL campus and thinks this meeting a great success.

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