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To succeed in today’s disruptive world, organizations and leaders must constantly reevaluate their strategies and innovate. One source that receives growing attention and investment is design.
Ron Gabay, HHL alumni and MBA graduate, has written his MBA thesis exactly about this topic, business and design integration as a source for innovation, under the supervision of Dr. Claudia Lehman, CLIC, and Dr. Timo Meynhardt, Chair of Business Psychology and Leadership.
Furthermore, he has successfully published an extension of this thesis as an article in the international well-known Design Management Institute Journal.

Gabay underlined the research by interviewing worldwide innovation and design leaders like Mauro Porcini (PepsiCo), Eric Quint (3M) and Bob Schwartz (GE Health Care).

Thank you for your great cooperation and congratulations on your success, we are proud of you!

About the Journal: The Design Management Journal is devoted to articles and research exploring design as a long term, strategic business asset.

The Abstract can be found here.

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