We wish you a happy and healthy year 2020 and come directly with good news. Save the date for an exciting workshop with the futureTEX competence workshop on 21 January 2020.

Sudden change requests from customers require a flexible process design. Customised solution strategies are needed, especially for individualised products.
In the Competence Workshop, the representatives of the PROFUND implementation project will show the practicable way for small and very small textile companies.
In workshop groups, the participants get to know all facets of the novel interactive IT platform for development data exchange. In the course of PROFUND, we are organising a competence workshop at the Saxon Textile Research Institute (STFI) together with our project partners, to which textile companies not involved in the project are also cordially invited.

You can still register until 15 January 2020 via this link.


Main facts:
Date: 21 January 2020
Place: Saxon Textile Research Institute e.V. (STFI), Annaberger Str. 240, 09125 Chemnitz

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