Gamify is a Knowledge Alliance and met at a cluster meeting in October 2019 in Brussels.

The 8th University Business Forum in Brussels brings all kind of people together like policymakers, representatives from higher education, business and other stakeholders to discuss and debate the role of university-business cooperation for innovation and sustainable development. It provides the opportunity for discussion, the sharing of experience, the exchange of good practices, the exchange of ideas, networking and mutual learning.  You were able to visit plenary and parallel sessions, keynote and panel discussions, pitches and interactive workshops. There also has been hosted an exhibition with a number of projects demonstrating how cooperation between higher education and business works in practice.

Alongside the key theme of the Forum – innovation and sustainable development – topics, such as skills mismatches, lifelong learning, social innovation, artificial intellligence, entrepreneurial individuals and organisations, and many more were discussed.  The 2019 University-Business Forum is a place for learning, discussion and engagement in new and concrete initiatives.

Carmen Abril – Representative of the Universidad Complutense Madrid and Gamify – was one of the participants.


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