A different kind of final meeting – virtual and yet personal

Unfortunately, the current situation does not allow us to hold the final meeting of PROFUND at HHL as planned, but we are very happy to see how well this can be done virtually.

Because today we had our virtual and at the same time very personal final meeting of Profund futureTEX.

Brief background information about PROFUND

In order to be able to bundle resources, more and more textile companies are joining together in networks. However, this places challenging demands on the coordination and communication between the partners during development and production. PROFUND has set itself the task of simplifying this “mammoth task” with an appropriate platform: an IT platform or the PROFUND platform, which considerably facilitates the exchange and increases the performance of the network. In particular, efficiency and effectiveness profits can be achieved in this way.

Insight into the final meeting

The final meeting started with a welcome by Prof. Holger Erth and continued with the results reports in impulse lectures by the representatives of the universities. In particular, they discussed how business models and processes change with customers and partners, how a platform for the smooth exchange of development data must be set up, and how time can be saved and faulty specifications avoided during joint new development. The latter was introduced and presented by our CLICie Tim as well as our alumnus Leontin.

After the result reports there was a live demonstration of the PROFUND platform by the company partners. Finally, there was time for further questions, comments and a discussion round.

We can tell you that although this was a slightly different final meeting, we appreciated and enjoyed it very much. We thank all participants for the exciting and constructive questions and discussions.




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