AgilHybrid had its third consortium meeting. In times of the Corona Pandemic (SARS-CoV-2), it was however not possible to realize a personal project meeting on site. Three joint days with all AgilHybrid participants were planned in Karlsruhe at the project partner of the local university (HsKA). But thanks to the agile working method appreciated in the project, the meeting did not have to be postponed: three days of consortium meeting online. And yet very personal.

From June 22nd to 24th, a very exciting and varied exchange with all project partners took place. The various digital formats included group work, games and social events. Furthermore, important milestones were completed and exciting foundations for future projects were laid.

This was also done:

  • Project status was presented,
  • Sub-goals of the project checked for fulfilment and newly prioritised,
  • framework for the development of our MOOC,
  • Created business model ideas for the event industry (an industry that is particularly suffering from the Corona pandemic)
  • and methods for the validation of business models were developed.


In particular, we have learned from digital project work:

  • Create variety in the process: tough phases hardly ever occur and time passes quickly.
  • Plan small breaks more often: this significantly reduces screen fatigue.
  • Use tools such as Miro, for example: smooth group work ensures that everyone can contribute their opinion to the otherwise somewhat unfamiliar video communication.


A slightly different consortium meeting and still very pleasant! Once again we have learned that online workshops can also be implemented effectively and efficiently.


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