A new year usually brings change, and this is also the case for CLIC. Since the beginning of the year, the CLIC has a second executive director: Dr. Sandra Dijk. Together with Prof. Dr. Claudia Lehmann, she now forms the dual leadership of the CLIC.

Dr. Dijk has already joined the CLIC team in August 2019 and enriches the center with her expertise in services and innovative business models. She has been involved in innovation and services for more than a decade. She acquired scientific expertise and experience in coordinating international research projects as a researcher at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Leipzig and at the Fraunhofer Center for International Management and Knowledge Economy (IMW). She also gained practical experience in a global corporation as a project manager at Reckitt & Benckiser Headquarters in Slough (UK).

Dr. Sandra Dijk thus embodies exactly the characteristic that distinguishes the CLIC: the combination of practice and research. “The CLIC is the ideal environment for me to address the critical issues of our time and to drive them forward with an extremely dedicated team with diverse skills. I am now looking forward to helping develop such an exciting center in the innovation environment in my role as Executive Director.”

But it is not only because of her professional expertise that Dr. Sandra Dijk is held in high esteem by the CLIC team. “With Sandra, I have a person at my side who is competent as well as reliable and team-oriented – we share the same vision for CLIC and I look forward to moving CLIC forward together with her,” says Prof. Dr. Claudia Lehmann. The CLIC team is delighted about Dr. Sandra Dijk as Executive Director and above all about the concentrated female power, which is still rather unusual for German executive floors!


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