Our Partners


HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management

hhlHHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management is one of the oldest business schools, having been established in 1898. The graduates benefit from an excellent teaching and top-ranking lecturers. www.hhl.de

University of Leipzig

unileThe University of Leipzig was founded in 1409 and is one of the leading state universities in Germany. Throughout history, a large number of subjects have emerged, including a chair for Innovation Mangement and Innovation Economics. www.uni-leipzig.de

SKZ – The Plastic Processing Center

skzThe SKZ is the biggest plastic institute in Germany and is market leader in giving practical trainings, having more than 10.000 participants each year. www.skz.de

Bildungswerk Baden-Württemberg

biweThe “Bildungswerk”, the educational institute of the state of Baden-Württemberg, is since 40 years an important partner of companies, associations, educational institutions, politics and administration authorities. The work focuses on supporting young people and offering continuing education. www.biwe.de

Marquardt (Germany & Tunisia)


Marquardt has been a successful, international and independent family enterprise for over 85 years. It is a leading manufacturer in the field of electro-mechanical and electronic switches and switching systems. Since 1991, Marquardt has a manufacturing company in La Soukra, Tunis, producing on 10.500 square meters parts for the automotive industry. www.marquardt.com

MSB Mediterranean School of Business

msbMSB is a private business school in Tunis, Tunisia. It is the first established business school in the French speaking Tunisia with programs and activities organized in English. It was established in 2004 as a private institution under the Tunisian laws regulating the organisation and functioning of private schools. The goal is „to train highly qualified managers capable of meeting today’s challenges of globalization“ www.msb-online.or

Le Ministère de la Formation Professionnelle et de l’Emploi (Tunisia)

mfpeThe Ministry of Education and Employment in Tunisia provides professional and vocational programs and works with the government to ensure a well-directed employment policy. Furthermore, it supports job seekers, companies and offers all related services. www.emploi.gov.tn


Tunisia becomes more and more interesting for German companies with its competitive, up-to-scratch economy and its well-directed macroeconomic aggregates. Nonetheless, and despite these positive facts, there is a lack of qualified workforce and vocational training methods in general. The project BRIDGE aims at exporting and adapting the German apprenticeship model and vocational training methods to the needs in Tunisia via remote service. Therefore BRIDGE intends to develop a sustainable educational training which involves all employees within a company: workers, specialists and managers. Furthermore, the German dual system of vocational training shall be made exportable for other training providers in the medium and long term.


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