It is no secret that services are omnipresent and driving service productivity is a central challenge for executives and members of all types of organizations. Service businesses have to face the challenge to be “productive”, but it is far less clear what this exactly means. In our new book, we invite you on a journey that explores the ways, tools and options for driving service productivity. We take an innovator’s perspectives and look at the tricky challenge of service productivity as a landscape of options for designing the future of services.

Case examples, from the airport, hotel, healthcare, and professional service industry, offer insights in the methods used and approaches taken in business practice. Research results provide food for thought and valuable advice on the path towards superior service productivity. Throughout the book we also listen to the views and advices of interviewed experts from academia as well as business practice on how to drive service productivity. Written in a simple and accessible manner, this book will be of interest to both practitioners and academics alike.


Original title: Driving Service Productivity – Value-Creation Through Innovation

Authors: Bessant, John, Lehmann, Claudia, Moeslein, Kathrin M. (Eds.)

Springer, 2014

ISBN: 978-3-319-05975-4

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