Professor Anne Sigismund Huff, PhD, academic director of HHL’s Center for Leading Innovation & Cooperation (CLIC), has been appointed Fellow of the Strategic Management Society (SMS) at this year’s annual conference. Fellowships of the Strategic Management Society recognize and honor members of the Strategic Management Society “who have made significant contributions to the theory and practice of strategic management” ( ).

As her home university, the National University of Ireland Maynooth, states Professor Huff is now the “only person in the world to be a fellow of all three major management academic associations”: the Academy of Management (AOM), the European Academy of Management (EURAM) and the Strategic Management Society (SMS). [Link]

Congratulations, Professor Huff! We can’t wait to welcome you back in Leipzig and at CLIC.

For those with an interest in recent joint publications of the CLIC Team of Directors, we recommend to read “Leading Open Innovation” ( The book published at MIT Press has just been released as a paperback edition.

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