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After three busy years, the international project TACIT is now coming to an end. On December 12th and 13th, the TACIT consortium got together again one more time. At a final meeting at Nokia in Munich, the project partners evaluated the project and its outcome.

Over the past years, academics and business organizations have been working together in a knowledge alliance, exploring and prototyping a series of innovative methods for Innovation teaching and coaching. Trying out eight different approaches, the international project partners met throughout Europe, played serious games to encourage creativity, tested innovative ideas on the spot in an Entrepreneurial Laboratory or hiked through the moors of Dartmouth in order to explore the concept of Peripatetic Learning.

In the third and last project year, the partners organized and held PhD summer schools to perform the final stage prototyping and to elaborate training modules for university students and practitioners that equip them for teaching innovation in an innovative fashion. With the support of the prepared teaching materials, train-the-trainer events can now be carried out. So teaching innovation in an innovative fashion is only just about to begin! We thank all partners for three exciting years full of inspiration and innovation!



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