Digitization Check

“Everything that can be digitized will be digitized”

This is the mantra that seems to dictate future development and increasingly worry top and middle management. Currently, digital transformation is triggering structural change within companies of nearly every industry. How companies respond to this digitization will heavily influence the future success or downfall of an organization. So your company needs to place digital development at the heart of its business strategy. But where do you start?

CLIC can support you in actively addressing your digital needs and turning your digitization into a success story.
Within our survey based CLIC Readiness Index tool, we will analyze 58 indicators to evaluate your company’s digital maturity along eight categories. Based on the gathered data, we can help you answer the following questions and develop a personalized digital road map:

  1. What is your current digital maturity level (Digital Beginner, Digital Intermediate, Digital Adopter, or Digital Differentiator)?
  2. What are your specific digitization weaknesses and strengths?
  3. What is your company’s position in a comparative industry benchmark?
  4. How can your company track your digital changes and improvements over time?
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