Dörte Schulte-Derne, M.A.

Title of Dissertation: 

Impact of managerial behaviour concerning digital innovations on productivity


Dörte Schulte-Derne is an external doctorate candidate at the Center of Leading Innovation & Cooperation (CLIC) at HHL – Leipzig Graduate School of Management.

After finishing Heinrich-Aldegrever-Gymasium in Soest, Dörte Schulte-Derne studied Political Science, Law and Business in Mainz. In 2005, she obtained the Title Magistra Artia (M.A.) from Johannes Gutenberg-Universität. Having the opportunity to work as a research assistant in Zentrum für Qualitässicherung und -entwicklung for four years, she gained deep insights into Evaluation and Consulting Processes. After her exam, Dörte Schulte-Derne worked as a senior consultant and interim manager in numerous projects to optimize technical and administrative processes, especially customer service in Telco industry.

In 2009, she became a team leader at Mainova AG in Frankfurt in the sales and marketing department. Besides sales event management, her main task was steering internal and external customer service providers via SLAs and KPIs. She was responsible for innovative projects like optimizing the methane fuelling infrastructure (CNG), all commercial aspects of decentral production of electricity via PV and optimizing sales and service channels.

Since 2016, she leads a department of Soluvia Energy Services GmbH, part of MVV AG Gruppe, with a team of about 160 colleagues, 700.000 bills and 600.000 customer service contacts a year as well as collection services. Leadership and Change Management, efficient processes and digital solutions are essential to her.

It was not only her experience with the implementation of a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution in her department that brought Dörte Schulte-Derne to the topic of her dissertation project: Since managers all over the world seem to look for new digital options as magic-cure-all-problem-solvers, she is analysing under which circumstances digital innovations push the productivity. Dörte Schulte-Derne will focus on aspects of leader´s behaviour to find out how invests can be done in a smart way.

Dörte Schulte-Derne, M.A.

Dörte Schulte-Derne, M.A.

External Phd Student


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