Innovation Prototyping

At CLIC, the Open Innovation research activities seek to enhance our understanding of theoretical key aspects in new formats which is both prototyped and evaluated in practice. This allows evaluating the artefact or concept in real life contexts, making it directly applicable for associated companies and industries. At the same time, this permits us to publish high impact research.

In our research, a special emphasis is placed upon new business models and value co-creation against the background of the digitization and Industry 4.0.

Drawing a picture of that approach, an exemplar project is the futureTEX Basis Project Mass Customization. Mass customization offers a solution in order to provide products which are both inexpensive and individualized. Already developed in 1993, this approach includes a configuration process during which the customer communicates his individual needs. One of the challenges is considered high product complexity in this process of co-design as this is challenging to describe. This is why CLIC investigates the key elements of introducing mass mustomization in contexts in which highly complex products are configured. Dozens of companies have been involved to analyse current practices with regard to their business models or the customer-manufacturer interaction. Based on these findings, concepts were developed and tested in practice and in different contexts. Thereby, the activites address both the needs of the companies to face digitization challenges and the development of small and medium-sized textile enterprises towards sustainable and customer-centered value networks.



KUMAC: Kunden als Wertschöpfungspartner bei Mass-Customization-Leistungen


futureTEX Basis Project Mass Customization


S-CPS: Ressourcen-Cockpit für Sozio-Cyber-Physische Systeme


Open-I: Open Innovation im Unternehmen Entwicklung und Pilotierung eines Management-systems zur Steigerung der offenen Innovationsfähigkeit in Unternehmen


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