Innovative Teaching and Learning

In times of permanent change on various economic levels, practitioners must be equipped with necessary skills to meet the challenges of change processes and bring about innovative products, processes and services to create growth and jobs. But how can educational institutions and companies deliver the appropriate training to enable individuals to bring about meaningful change in their organizations? The Center for Leading Innovation and Cooperation (CLIC) is looking into the development of teaching and training methods regarding innovation management and entrepreneurship with the aim of creating a deep understanding of the corresponding skills. The overall approach thereby focuses on the idea of co-creation: CLIC is working on real-life innovation challenges in close cooperation with companies, mapping their needs and prototyping methods and solutions on a theoretically sound research basis.

Giving insight into our current research projects in this area, we are analyzing and implementing methods for “teaching innovation innovatively” in the European project TACIT, focusing strongly on the individual’s ability to act in innovation processes. An important aspect is the delivery of teaching content outside the traditional classroom scenario, e. g. with the project-based learning method.  Using innovation and entrepreneurship skills effectively will help boost growth and ensure social inclusion in Europe – and beyond. Collaborative projects with higher education institutions from Tunisia, such as the DICAMP project, demonstrate the successful impact of knowledge transfer in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship teaching and training, empowering partners to improve their regional development environment.


TACIT: Teaching and Coaching Innovation/Entrepreneurship Innovatively

DICAMP: Development and Implementation of an Accredited Cross-Universities Innovation Management Master Programme in Tunisia

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