Knowledge Management

Nowadays, companies face the challenge of managing a huge data stream every day. This enormous mass of data is making knowledge management increasingly important. Consequently, it is widely acknowledged in research that we need to actively manage knowledge in order to ease decision-making and to build constantly learning organizations by collaborative problem solving. Many German manufacturing companies, for example, have extensive knowledge and narrow-specialized expertise that is not always applied to new projects or extant problems. This impedes innovativeness and reduces the potential of creating value from developing and solving problems collaboratively.

One of CLIC’s projects focuses on developing and implementing a knowledge management platform for a German company with a production site overseas. Typically, the two production sites struggle with sharing knowledge with regard to problem solving or preventing. Moreover, the identification of a corresponding expert is especially challenging in multinational organisations with branches spread over the globe. Besides a Web 2.0 based platform, a virtual whiteboard for smooth collaborating is developed and tested in practice.


BRIDGE: Beruf und Bildung in Tunesien: Export deutscher Aus- und Weiterbildungsdienstleistungen


GENIE: Gemeinschaftsgestützte Innovationsentwicklung für Softwareunternehmen


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