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Peter and Hannelore Pribilla’s Vision for Practical Research

“We collaborate in a worldwide network of knowledge and learning. Our corporate culture is shaped by
its diversity of people, cultures, open dialogue, mutual respect, defined goals, and decisive leadership.” — Peter Pribilla, 2003

Peter Pribilla

The Peter Pribilla Foundation was founded in July 2005 by Hannelore Pribilla as part of the corporate body of the Technische Universität München (TUM). The foundation supports research and teaching in the fields of innovation and leadership. Peter Pribilla was born on the 11th of June, 1941. He studied Communications Engineering at the Technische Universität München (TUM). After graduating with a Masters of Engineering degree in 1968, he joined the engineering conglomerate Siemens. After working in several different Siemens units, he became president of the subsidiary Rolm Communications in Santa Clara, California from 1993 to 1996, then a member of the management board of Siemens in 1997.
Peter Pribilla was also one of TUM’s most influential corporate partners. In addition to numerous guest lectures, he taught courses on innovation and leadership for a number of years. In recognition of his many contributions in research, teaching, and administrative advice, he became an honorary TUM professor in 1997. We were just completing a joint study on corporate leadership at the time of his untimely death in August 2003. The activities of the foundation in his honor are based on the content and style of Peter Pribilla’s very fruitful interactions with TUM. We are fostering personal connections among business people and academics to advance understanding of the leadership of innovation—a critical subject in today’s globalizing economy.

Hannelore Pribilla

Hannelore Pribilla was born on the 26th of May, 1942, in Dresden. After studies in mathematics, she began to work as a member of the pioneer research and development group at the IT department in Siemens AG. From 1997 Hannelore Pribilla was a member of the research group at the Institute for Information, Organization and Management at TUM. As a member of the academic family she was interested in the research works of our doctoral students, advised doctoral theses, and supported the team in uncertain times. One of Hannelore Pribilla’s main research fields involved human relations and the computer. In this and other areas she established contacts between scientists at Siemens AG and researchers at different universities. In the 1980s she was involved in numerous projects on the “future of work in a computerized world.” In the 1990s at the TUM, Hannelore Pribilla was one of the founders of the “forum of telecooperation” together with Kathrin Möslein and Johann Schlichter. In 1992 she initiated an important research project in cooperation with her husband, Peter Pribilla, in the field of top management communications. This empirical research project focused on the “application of new media in telecommunications and their effects on the working environment of top level management.” One output of this project was the book authored by Peter Pribilla, Ralf Reichwald, and Robert Goecke: Telecommunication in Management— Strategies for a Global Competition, published by Schäffer-Poeschel in 1996. We are very pleased to follow the pioneering footsteps of two individuals who successfully contributed to both practice and academic study in this book.

– Ralf Reichwald

The Book

The book Leading Open Innovation describes OI’s search for smart people who might expand the space for innovation.
It reflects international, cross-sector, and transdisciplinary interests among contributors from the United States, Germany, France, Finland, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Tunisia, Austria, and China working in large multinational organizations, academic institutions, or entrepreneurial projects.
They are part of the Peter Pribilla network, which Ralf Reichwald describes at the end of the volume as a point of contact that supports overlapping interests in innovation and leadership.

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