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If you are interested in the research areas of Open Innovation and Service Innovation, CLIC could be your partner for writing a practice-oriented master thesis! You will benefit from an intense mentoring and be given the freedom to bring your personal motivation  in order to solve cutting edge practical issues in a scientifically sound manner.

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Community Co-Design: The Case of Hanhart Chronographen

You are interested in the research area of Co-Creation & Co-Design? Currently, CLIC offers a practice-oriented master thesis! You will benefit from an intense mentoring and a highly interesting case in the watch industry.

In the early 2010s, the watch industry has seen a buoyant economic growth. Especially higher-end watches saw their renaissance in which timepieces have become prestige accessories, not time-checking essentials. Nowadays, mid- to premium-price brands seem to struggle with finding their selling point. Exports of pricey watches such as Swiss brands, have fallen for 14 months straight. Many brands started to launch limited editions to raise interest and in order to offer exclusive models – but without involving customers directly in design processes. This artificial shortage has not met expectations, which is why watchmakers are forced to offer large discounts.

Due to the major trend of individualization, offering customized watches is considered an opportunity to boost growth. Several startup have already pursued a mass customization approach to meet the individual customer’s wishes, but most of them failed due to comparably high prices and a very small solution space.

The German watchmaker Hanhart Chronographen has taken a different path. The idea was to offer a customized watch – but for a whole community. This allows for lowering costs and for creating a sense of belonging for this community. However, very little is known of co-design in communities. Hence, the goal of this study is to explore the peculiarities of co-design in communities. Semi-structured interviews with both the management of Hanhart Chronographen and community members form the basis of this master thesis.

The research questions to be solved are:

What is the nature of a co-design process in communities?

What is the value of a product that has been co-designed with the community?

What is required for co-designing successfully with communities?

All details can be found in the following document:

Master-Thesis_Community Co Design


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