PROFUND Final Meeting – virtual but personally!

A different kind of final meeting – virtual and yet personal Unfortunately, the current situation does not allow us to hold the final meeting of PROFUND at HHL as planned, but we are very happy to see how well this can be done virtually. Because today we had our... read more

Welcome to CLIC Sina Plietzsch!

Dear HHL community, we are delighted to welcome another new team member, Ms. Sina Plietzsch, who joined the Center for Leading Innovation & Cooperation as research associate. Ms. Plietzsch holds an M.A. in International Business and has gained some professional... read more

Welcome to CLIC Anja Fröhlich-Passin

Dear HHL community, our CLIC Team is growing and we are pleased to introduce Ms. Anja Fröhlich-Passin as our new team assistant at the Center of Leading Innovation and Cooperation (CLIC). Welcome, Anja! She is responsible for the administrative processes of the... read more

Profund Milestone Meeting in Aachen

Also this milestone meeting has now passed a few days and still remained in our minds that we would like to report about it today. Our CLICIE Tim was at the Profund milestone meeting in Aachen and represented the CLIC. At this milestone meeting a prototype was... read more

Strategy Day @ Coconat Workation Retreat

The CLIC team drove for the strategy day to Bad Belzig in the Coconat to a Workation Retreat. This strategy day was not only about teambuilding and a trip to the beautiful Brandenburg, but also about work, how the future of the CLIC will look like and which new offers... read more

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