Profund Milestone Meeting in Aachen

Also this milestone meeting has now passed a few days and still remained in our minds that we would like to report about it today. Our CLICIE Tim was at the Profund milestone meeting in Aachen and represented the CLIC. At this milestone meeting a prototype was... read more

Strategy Day @ Coconat Workation Retreat

The CLIC team drove for the strategy day to Bad Belzig in the Coconat to a Workation Retreat. This strategy day was not only about teambuilding and a trip to the beautiful Brandenburg, but also about work, how the future of the CLIC will look like and which new offers... read more

Prodisys Interim Meeting in Walldorf

It’s been a few weeks, but it’s too bad not to report about it: the Prodisys interim meeting at the SAP headquarter in Walldorf. In the context of design oriented research, the communication of results is an essential component, in the best case this means... read more

Congrats on your success, dear Ron Gabay!

To succeed in today’s disruptive world, organizations and leaders must constantly reevaluate their strategies and innovate. One source that receives growing attention and investment is design. Ron Gabay, HHL alumni and MBA graduate, has written his MBA thesis exactly... read more

We have even more good news!

We have further good news: we are currently not only looking for a research associate, but we are also looking for a team assistant (m/f) at CLIC – Center for Leading Innovation and Cooperation. This is a part-time position with 20 hours a week. If you are an... read more

WE HAVE GOOD NEWS: We are hiring!

We have good News for you: we are hiring! We are looking for a research associate (m/f/d) at CLIC – Center for Leading Innovation and Cooperation. If you are interested in challenging Tasks in the field of Research and qualitative data collection, we are looking... read more

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