R&D Management Conference 2018 in Milan

This year’s R&D Management Conference took place from 1st to 3rd of July on the campus of the Politecnico School of Management in Milan under the heading “R&Designing Innovation – Transformational Challenge for Organizations and... read more

Innovative Methods for Women Entrepreneurs

Storytelling, Innovation Games and Future-Based Learning – the participants of a workshop within the project “Women Entrepreneurs” got to know these three methods last Saturday at the university of Jena. CLIC’s Tim Mosig travelled to Jena to teach the entrepreneurs... read more

First milestone in PROFUND project achieved

On April 26th, the first milestone meeting in the project PROFUND was held at VOWALON Beschichtung GmbH. The project’s aim is to create an appropriate network structure for the development of customized technical textiles in a cross-company textile network. In Treuen,... read more

Fruitful TACIT piloting workshop at AachenMünchener

On December 11th and 12th, the academic and company partners of TACIT met for two days at AachenMünchener in Aachen, Germany, where they had the opportunity to give the methods of Project-based Learning and Entrepreneur Laboratory a try. Supported by facilitators from... read more

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