Paul Pfister, M.Sc.

Title of Dissertation: 

Return on Digitization –The added value and benefits of digitizing small and medium market businesses


Paul Pfister is an external doctorate candidate at the Center of Leading Innovation & Cooperation (CLIC) at HHL – Leipzig Graduate School of Management. He started his professional career as a student at Deutsche Telekom AG and obtained the Bachelor degree in Business Administration. While working as an executive assistant to a member of the board at Deutsche Telekom AG, he succeeded by a Master of Science in Business Management assigned from the University of Leeds in 2017. During his studies he gained professional experience in the telecommunication industry working in Germany and temporarily in London and San Francisco.

In his current role, Paul is working for the Managing Director Business Customers at Deutsche Telekom AG in Bonn. He is responsible for their B2B strategy, transformation projects as well as for internal and external communication. His specialties are media relations, social media management, speech writing, customermanagement, strategic projects and industry knowledge in telecommunications and digitization.

Besides skills in managing business customer facing projects, Paul brings unique insights into university-industry interlinkages, academic expertise combined with strong execution and entrepreneurial thinking.

Abstract of Dissertation:

His dissertation project seeks to analyze the added value and benefit of a digital transformation within small to medium sized enterprises (SME). Main objectives are to understand added values, use cases and varieties of the digital transformation for SMEs and to identify advantages and future potential of digital processes. His doctoral thesis will make recommendations if, when and how the digital transformation can lower costs, minimize the susceptibility to errors in processes, increase revenues and customer satisfaction. In the end, Paul’s purpose is to calculate an exact measurable ‘Return on Digitization’. The research aims to equally profit from discussions with academics as well as with entrepreneurs in the German midmarket and the wider industry.

Paul Pfister, M.Sc.

Paul Pfister, M.Sc.

External Phd Student

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