From Real to Virtual (2010)

Prof. Dr. Alexander Richter / Prof. Dr. Anna Trifilova / Prof. Dr. Jan H. Schumann

The aim of the project ‘From Real to Virtual’ supports the translation of insights from face-to-face meetings, such as a workshops, into a virtual format so that insights can be shared, developed, and acted upon by a wider community, be it inside organizations or among customers across dispersed geographical locations.


The ambition of this project is to enable exploration and continuation of face-to-face encounters by transferring essential insights into virtual realms where it can be picked up by (a) a larger number of participants, and (b) across a wider spatial/geographical dispersion. The solution developed by the project team will support this so far untackled issue. By doing so, this project will enable the shift from rather synchronous idea generation processes – mostly taking place in the face-to-face contexts – to rather asynchronous innovation processes – mostly taking place in virtual settings. A crucial factor to be taken into consideration in the transfer from ‘real’ to ‘virtual’ is the influence of different cultures, be it at the organisational, industry or national level.


Thus, in our project we will try to enhance our understanding of the influence of culture (a) when moving from ideation to enactment or implementation (b) transferring ideas, and insights from the real to the virtual world, and (c) sharing insights, and ideas generated in a small community with a larger audience, which is often unknown in its diversity.

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