Turning Co-Creators into Brand Ambassadors (2009)

Catharina van Delden / Dr. Bernhard Doll / Prof. Dr. Nancy Wünderlich

The project “from co-creator to brand ambassador” had the overall goal of developing a new, internet-based method for co-creating products with consumers that not only helps to create more successful new products but also to involve the co-creators as brand ambassadors and “evangelists” when launching the new product to the market. This method shall provide benefit for all parties involved: The participating consumers as well as the companies, who open their innovation processes. The co-creators shall have their voice and wishes heard and especially feel appreciated for their contribution as well as have a lot of fun when helping in product development – keyword “gamification”. The companies on the other side, who ask co-creators for help, shall have the security that the result will provide value to their organizations. In particular, that means that the solutions found with this method shall fit to their company strategy as well as brand positioning. For this purpose a prototype internet platform was to be created; targeted at the consumer goods industry as a starting point.


The underlying observation behind this project was an overwhelming enthusiasm and interest by co-creators in earlier projects, which utilized the Pico-Job method. We asked ourselves: “How can we tap into this potential and help companies to identify and work with brand ambassadors amongst co-creators?”.


The concrete goal of “visualizing the invisible”, which was sponsored by the Peter Pribilla foundation, aimed at communicating the complex methods and its benefits to the co-creators. This is why an explanation video was created, together with a guiding icon-set. Further on it was important to support co-creators in the visualization of their own ideas and suggestions. This is why we sent out the first set of user innovation toolkits containing spices and more ingredients in order to support the co-creation of new flavours of mustard.


By now, the platform named “unserAller” is an established co-creation and crowdsourcing site with 20.000 registered members and several products brought to the market. Large consumer good brands like Görtz, dm Drogeriemarkt, Ford or Manhatten have co-created products on unserAller as well as hundreds very small organizations like crime novel authors, cover song bands or anti-aging product producers have kept the platform alive with their dialogue about new offerings. Publications like the Handelsblatt, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Deutschlandradio, t3n or Glamour have written very positive reviews about the platform and the products created on it. innosabi (with the product unserAller) has been recognized by federal minister Dr. Rösler as the most innovative startup of 2011.

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