Massive Ideation (2009)

Dr. Florian Forster / Dr. Hagen Habicht / Prof. Dr. Johann Füller / René Frieß

Both creativity workshops, and online innovation platforms, such as –community platforms, have certain advantages, and disadvantages. While the number of participants for workshops is limited, online platforms often require increased efforts to facilitate, and steer activities.


By means of conscious moderation, and application of creativity techniques in workshops, ideas, and concepts are systematically and effectively developed. Meanwhile the lack of guidance on innovation platforms direct to a rather unstructured, and informal approach in which participants run the risk of getting lost. The aim of the project “Massive ideation“ is to combine advantages of both forms of collaboration.  Hence, a new software-based concept is developed which allows realizing creative online workshops with “massive“ participation. This software, so called “Massive ideation”, aims to solve the organizational and communicative challenges cursed by massive attendance (> 100 participants). To bring valuable ideas and concepts to light a structured presentation and moderation is developed. Through a simple, and intuitive design of the platform the activities, communication, and interaction processes between participants is directed, and supported Combining “Wisdom-of-the-crowd”, and workshop principles guaranteed the boost of creativity without losing focus, and strategic impact. The platform steers massive participation by breaking down innovation tasks into easily manageable steps assigned to individual participants. In a further step, partial results are integrated in the design of the platform in iterative cycles and finally transferred into final concepts. So far, accurate knowledge about the use of creativity techniques, and guided creative processes for massive participation is still lacking.


The implementation of online workshops with a sizeable group of participants for the first time aims to fill this gap. Hence, new knowledge for specific users and experts in massive online contexts is generated. Technically, the workshop platform Idea Stream, and the community platform HYVE IdeaNet, form the basis for the newly created “massive ideation” platform. Existing functionalities of both systems are integrated, and adapted to fit the requirements of massive online ideation.

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