Open Innovation Readiness (2009)

Dr. Christoph Ihl / Prof. Dr. Vera Blazevic

Open Innovation equally attracts the interest of academics, and practitioners. Meanwhile, the paradigm is well accepted in research, and practice, still several questions remain unsolved, for instance concerning possible designs of open innovation strategies, and requirements, a firm has to meet, to actually profit from opening up innovation processes.


In this stage it is important for responsible managers to understand that Open Innovation is not a “One-Size-Fits-All”-concept. Rather the decision about the optimal degree of openness must be made based on internal conditions of the organization, and the business environment. Therefore, the central aim of this project was to develop a benchmarking tool helps innovation managers to evaluate open innovation strategies on suitability, and design for their own businesses. This tool was based on a comprehensive screening of relevant data sources.  Another central challenge was to translate academic findings into a comprehensible and attractive benchmarking tool for management purposes. To secure a high diffusion of the tool it was accessible via a public website. Managers are able to outline the profile of their business with the help of identified criteria. On the one hand these criteria describe the degree of openness, and on the other hand the structure of the organization, and competences. In the end managers get a comprehensive visualization of their degrees of openness, and organizational structure to derive managerial need for action.


Specifically, the position of their own business in contrast to more successful, and less successful businesses are shown. Additionally, also the way those businesses act towards Open Innovation is displayed. With the help of this tool deficits in the implementation of open innovation strategies can be pointed out effortless, and immediate. It was shown that managers that used the tool gained advantages from the public accessibility.

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