Real Open Innovation (2010)

Dr. Holger Hoffmann / Prof. Dr. Angelika Bullinger-Hoffmann / Prof. Dr. Andrei Villarroel / Prof. Dr. Dominik Walcher

In recent years, literature on innovation has begun to explore new models of innovation in which commercially valuable knowledge is easily exchanged among different actors of the innovation process. Following the logic of open innovation, it seems reasonable to make the strongly protected IP marketable, as it constitutes the means to earn rents for the company. Nonetheless, companies are currently facing difficulties managing the dilemma of strongly, and weakly protected intellectual property. Particularly, designing an open innovation processes that fits best company needs remains an unsolved challenge for most practitioners. There is a growing need to manage disclosure, access, and process, to best leverage the IP held by companies, and to create the greatest value from open innovation. Our project’s objective is to make patents more transparent, following the motto of the Peter Pribilla-Foundation: We aim to make the invisible in patents visible. The ROI project addresses the difficulty to access patents by the research strand patent which comprises three open innovation practices combined to visualize the currently invisible knowledge:

  • Open collective work, i.e. patent translation via Amazon’s mechanical turk by the crowd
  • Open evaluation, i.e. evaluation of comprehensibility of translations by the crowd
  • Matching game, i.e. comparison, and ranking of translations by the crowd
  • Open collective work, i.e. visualization of translations by the crowd
  • Open evaluation, i.e. comparison of text, and visualizations by the crowd

The ROI project addresses the difficulty of decision‐making by the research strand practices, which comprises three steps to realize a prototypical toolkit for selection of open innovation practices:

  • Identification of open innovation practices, and according data collections
  • Identification of contextual factors influencing innovation practices
  • Design, and development of a prototypical toolkit

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