Visualizing the Intangible (2009)

Dr. Bernhard Doll / Dr. Bettina von Stamm / Prof. Dr. Michael Koch / René Frieß

The project “Visualizing the intangible” primarily aimed at developing methods and tools for employees, and teams within organizations to facilitate conversion of ‘the abstract’ in daily work to tangible, and clear statements, and concepts. ‘The abstract’ stands for new strategies, processes, services, business models, forms of organizations, etc., which are difficult to put into words. Therefore it is not easy to communicate them by traditional means. Main aim of this approach was to identify new, and interesting fields of research for innovation research, and to develop tools that can be used later.  Another objective is to promote developed tools throughout the Peter Pribilla Network. Furthermore empirical data was generated during the development, and usage of tools. This data was analyzed afterwards. For accomplishing the objectives of the project, 3 main activities were conducted:


  • Development of a construction kit that helps to build physical images of innovative strategies, business models, and services. The construction kit can be used by employees of different branches without any excessive training. The price is similar to professional moderation kits.
  • Use of the construction kit in several workshops, and events to demonstrate benefits of physical images in innovation processes, and to introduce the construction kit. The focus was put on workshops within the network of the Peter Pribilla-Foundation to ensure distribution of results. Throughout this process empirical data was generated.
  • Development, and maintenance of a blog that lists derived solutions for the development of physical images, and best practices that help to connect interfaces between electronic, and physical images. Some approaches were already existent in the Peter Pribilla network, like Cue Cards, Table top, Community-Mirror, Surface-Table, Social Prototyping, LEGO Serious Play.

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