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Innovation & Leadership


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Epidemic Communicator (2011)

The objective of this Peter Pribilla Fellowship project is to elucidate how service
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Resolving Dilemmas in Collective Innovation (2010)

Research indicates that organizations that successfully apply collective innovation methods are able to
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Open Innovation Readiness (2009)

Open Innovation equally attracts the interest of academics, and practitioners. Meanwhile, the paradigm
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Teaserbild TU München Award

TUM Research Excellence Award

The „TUM Research Excellence Award“ is awarded to emerging scholars on the level of post-doctoral research as well as early career academics and professors.

Teaserbild Peter Pribilla Award

Peter Pribilla Award

The „Peter Pribilla Award“ is awarded to students of the program "TUM Betriebswirtschaftslehre" for the best academic overall performance in the field of "innovation and leadership".