Innovation Prototyping

Prototypes reduce uncertainty. They help measure the likelihood that the market will choose your service or product over competitors’ offerings. Therefore, you can benefit from our proficiency in business model innovation, design thinking and making as well as the usage of toolkits or network tools. We will support you to set up an innovation team and strengthen its position inside the company.

Innovation Prototyping

Providing an example for our approach, we start by a joint ideation process to elicit the single, best solution for satisfying your customers’ unmet needs. We construct this solution by integrating customers in the very early phases of the value co-creation process. Experienced craftspeople and product designers are available to realize tangible and testable prototypes. True to the motto “fail fast, fail cheap”, we avoid market failure in an early stage. We follow the rapid prototyping approach that allows for quick feedback and improvement. We support you in any phase of prototyping projects and its related processes for your products and services.

Prototyping & implementing a B2B online platform for a high-tech industry sector in Germany

We have collaborated intensively with small and medium-sized enterprises in a high-tech domain in Germany. During this collaboration, these B2B companies constantly stressed the complicated and time-consuming coordination of joint R&D projects with other companies of the value chain. For example, development data must be exchanged throughout the entire process, which was done via mail and phone. Companies wished for an appropriate online platform that could shorten and smoothen costly processes. However, they could not find such a solution on the market, which is why we set up a project. Based on a needs analysis, we pinned down requirements and designed several use cases. This was done by design thinking workshops and expert interviews. An early sketch of the platform served to constantly improve the design of the platform, since users often are only capable of expressing their needs precisely when a solution is already tangible. Following this method of continuous improvement with all stakeholders involved, the implementation was done and several functions were added during the process. This rapid prototyping approach allowed for both keeping costs low and adapt to unforeseen changes quickly.

Prototyping an app for spot insurances

The insurance industry has to deal with a fast-changing environment and also changing customer habits and demands. Today, technology allows decision making for buying products and services like insurance much more spontaneously than before, especially by using smartphones, the internet, and apps. In order to respond properly to these changing circumstances, we developed together with a large insurance company an app for spot insurances. Using design thinking and figuring out the needs and desires of customers by interviews and market analysis, we jointly created the app starting with the example of winter sports, which had been brought forward several times by potential customers . Imagining a skier sitting riding the lift as he recognizes that he is not insured against any potential damages of his equipment or health inquiries, it will be possible for him to spontaneously book a spot insurance for these potential cases which will apply immediately from the time the skier confirms the booking. This case is of course transferrable to various other scenarios like cycling, diving and many more. To develop such customer-centered solutions jointly with our clients, we use different techniques for innovation creation and rapid prototyping.

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