Sebastian Schmidt, M.Sc.

While working for the German automotive supplier Continental AG, Sebastian obtained a bachelor‘s degree in Business Administration with a focus on the automotive industry. During his studies, he gained international work experience and conducted research on innovation networks and the challenges that global players face in accessing this potential.

After obtaining his degree, Sebastian started working in the Employer Branding department at Continental AG and began the part-time Master of Science program at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, specializing in Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Finance and Marketing. In the course of his studies at HHL, he joined the Business Development & Innovation Management department of the online bank comdirect. At comdirect, he was responsible for identifying and evaluating relevant trends and technologies as part of the company’s strategic foresight as well as for managing and improving the internal idea management. After completing his master’s at HHL in 2018, he became deputy head of the company’s incubator – the „comdirect Start-up Garage“.

As research associate at the Center for Leading Innovation and Cooperation, Sebastian will work on the „Co-TWIN“-project, which aims at developing a platform that utilizes digital twins of production machines to foster the collaboration in value networks.

Sebastian Schmidt, M.Sc.

Research Associate
+49 341 9851-856

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