Service Innovation


Service operations are all around us. The service sector already accounts for two-third of the world’s total gross value added and is still growing. This trend is unlikely to change as the underlying drivers of service growth. As such, also traditional manufacturing firms learned over the last decade that offering high value services will help them grow their business. Hence, the need is given to shift the focus from increasing productivity in the manufacturing industry to increase productivity in the service industry. In research, it is acknowledged that service innovation is capable of creating high value and high productivity, making it increasingly important in the 21st century.



SERVPROD: Forschungswerkstatt Produktivität von Dienstleistungen

SERVPROF: Service Professionalität lernen und leben. Nachhaltige Innovationskultur im Bereich der Dienstleistungen durch Professions- und Professionalitätsentwicklung

SPRINT: Systematisches Design zur Integration von Produkt und Dienstleistung in der Gesundheitswirtschaft


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