Sina Plietzsch, M.A.

Sina is Research Associate at the Center for Leading Innovation and Cooperation (CLIC) at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management. After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from the Berlin School of Economics and Law, she studied International Business at the University of Applied Sciences Berlin. During her studies and several internships, Sina gained both practical and international experience at companies like Bosch and in countries like the USA, Thailand and Ireland.

During her bachelor thesis, Sina evaluated the role of intelligent business models as a success factor for businesses. Expanding her expertise in the field of business models and innovation, Sina chose to assess the adaptability to innovation from an entrepreneurial and social perspective as part of her master thesis.

As Research Associate at the CLIC, Sina will be responsible for the research project FutureTex Inkubator and also support the research in the GAMIFY project. The goal of FutureTex Inkubator is to support companies from the traditional textile industry in transforming their business models in the context of digitalization. The GAMIFY project is concerned with the development of tailored education methods to support innovation processes and the teaching of entrepreneurial skills in both business as well as academic contexts.

Sina Plietzsch, M.A.

Research Associate

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