Thomas Trabert, M.Sc.

In his studies of industrial engineering in Erfurt and Jena, Thomas specialized in logistics and production. He gathered his first professional experiences at the German car manufacturer Audi in Ingolstadt. At Audi, he supported the Ramp-Up-Management auf new models in the area of pre-series logistics.

Thomas then broadened his expertise in the automotive sector at BMW in Leipzig. There, he studied the integration of technical innovations and wrote his master thesis on collabortive lightweight robots.

As research associate, Thomas is responsible for the research project “AgilHybrid”. The goal of this project is to develop new learning and teaching modules for employees working in the smart home sector. These modules shall enable employees to develop competencies for networked tasks in hybrid business models of medium-sized companies.

Thomas Trabert, M.Sc.

Research Associate
+49 341 9851 861

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